Jewish Funeral Service Explanation

Northwood Funeral Home is a non-denominational funeral home located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We can assist you with all your funeral needs in the Jewish faith, whether you're Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. We are able to coordinate your services with local synagogues and cemeteries, and we also have local rabbis willing to officiate your services and customize it to your personal needs. Northwood Funeral Home also has a working relationship with the local Chevra Kadisha and can accomodate all customs of the Jewish faith. The traditional services of the Chevra Kadisha are all performed on site, maintaining all Jewish law throughout the burial process.
Traditional Jewish Funeral Provider
Jewish funerals can take place at a funeral home, at the home of the deceased, by the deceased person’s grave, or at a synagogue. The benefits of holding your Jewish funeral at a funeral home is that Northwood Funeral Home can help you with most arrangements and can assist you in selecting the traditional customs you want to incorporate into remembering your loved one. Northwood Funeral Home offers Jewish funeral services that will allow you to honor your loved one and respect your loved one’s wishes, while gathering to mourn. In consultation with your rabbi, Northwood Funeral Home can assist you with planning a funeral that will honor your loved one's life. Jewish funeral traditions often call for a fast burial, and at Northwood Funeral Home we offer Jewish funeral services with the full understanding that time is of the essence. We can work with you to ensure a quick burial.
Nihum Avelim: Comforting the Mourners
Traditionally, the avelim, in a Jewish funeral service, are the parents, children, and siblings of the deceased. Nihum avelim is the role that others have in comforting the mourners. In a Jewish funeral, there will be no open casket. Mourners and comforters gather and may perform a variety of customary forms of mourning and comforting. Some Jewish funerals will incorporate all traditions, while some will only incorporate a few. Northwood Funeral Home is a Jewish funeral provider in the West Palm Beach/North Palm beach area who can consult with you and your family and your rabbi to determine which rituals and customs you’ll incorporate. We can assist you with the:
· Gathering of the avelim and the nihum avelim.
· Keriah (or tearing). One of the rituals that may take place in Jewish funeral is the tearing of garments to express grief at the loss of a loved one. This ancient ritual symbolizes the separation of the deceased from the family and offers a physical manifestation of the family’s grief.
· Eulogy (hesperid). This is a written speech usually read by the rabbi, meant to comfort the family, though a rabbi need not be the one performing the eulogy.
· Prayers.
· Procession to the grave and the lowering of the casket with more grave site prayers.
· Kaddish. During the kaddish more prayers are recited over the grave.
· Placing earth over the grave.
· Shiva. The shiva is the period of morning after burial. Traditionally, shiva takes place in the family’s home and the family doesn’t emerge from the home until the 7-day period of mourning has passed. 
If you are in the process of planning a Jewish funeral in our area, please contact us today. We honor a wide range of Jewish traditions and can help you plan a traditional Jewish funeral or incorporate the Jewish customs that matter the most to you. This is a sacred time for you and your family. Let Northwood Funeral Home help you honor it.

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