With this page, we hope to better inform you, the consumer, of the different options available when selecting a casket, urn, burial vault or, stationery. Our philosophy remains the same, we do not sell caskets, urns or burial vaults, we provide them. Personal matters, such as these, should remain entirely up to what you prefer. Our only job is to educate you on the different options. We hope to do so.

As with anything else we offer, if you do not feel a question has been answered here or, you have suggestions, please let us know. We eagerly await to serve.


We have an unusually large selection of caskets. Whether you prefer a burnished metal or rich hardwood, the elaborate or the simple, our service and personal attention to detail remains the same.

Caskets can be broken down into two categories; woods and metals. With woods, depending on the species, the price will vary. Choices would include: walnut, cherry, mahogany, pine, oak, maple, pecan and poplar. many of our families choose hardwoods because of their rich luster and finish. Hardwood caskets are non-gasketed, and because of that, some mausoleums will not accept them unless they are lined with a metal liner such as zinc, bronze, or copper.

Metals are another choice. There are semi-precious metals such as bronze and copper, and there is steel which would be stainless steel, and galvanized steel, such as 16ga., 18ga., and 20ga. Most of these caskets are gasketed but, you do have some of the 20ga. steel caskets that are non-gasketed. Some metal caskets even come with cathodic protection, meaning they have a cathode bar underneath. It is based on the same principle as submarines. So as not to rust or corrode for a certain period of time. Nothing is guaranteed.

All caskets are available with either crepe, satin, or velvet interior. Some are also available in full couch, meaning that the whole lid opens on the casket. There are veteran themed caskets, religious themed motifs, you favorite sports team, college, extracurricular activity, and so on. Basically, if you desire it, it's probably available.

Cremation Urns

Outer Burial Containers

Most cemeteries require some type of outer burial enclosure when a burial is performed. These enclosures, like the quality burial vaults from Wilbert, perform two main functions: they protect the casket from outside elements and support the weight of the earth and cemetery equipment above the ground. Wilbert manufactures one of the strongest lined concrete burial vaults in the industry today. Wilbert vaults are lined with their exclusive poly-ribbed liners which contain the contents inside the vault. The cover, where forces are the greatest, is steel reinforced for added protection. However, no state law requires the purchase of a burial vault, nor do cemetery rules. Cemeteries require the minimum outer burial container, a grave liner, which is pictured below.

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